This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook News feed and I saw a link to a crime article shared by a friend so I clicked into read it. The article seemed very genuine at first, but as I read it, it became very apparent to me that this was clearly a fake news article .

The article which I have decided not to link to for fear of it been taken seriously(upon checking it has been removed)*, named a young man from a specific area of Dublin(the first give away), and said he had been arrested on serious sexual charges.


The article then had a photo of his local Garda(Irish police) station, adding a certain amount of legitimacy to the article.


At the bottom of the article there was a button that said “click here to PRANK YOUR FRIENDS WITH FAKE NEWS!”

Here are some tips on spotting fake news websites

  1. Check that the website is known to you.
  2. Read other articles on the website the are usually less believable.
  3. Check article against reputable news sources
  4. Check for spelling mistakes
  5. Check for facts shared that would not normally be in such an article.
  6. If you are victim of such a scam please report it immediately.
  7. Report Dangerous scams to the website itself.
  8. Do not share articles that could cause someome to be in danger especially if you are not absolutly sure of its legitimacy.


Upon a quick Google search for Fake News Generation I was able to make this image below in about 60 seconds


Why is it a Danger?

Well as the article I read earlier was of a very serious crime, it could lead to bullying, violence or even vigilantism. It could take minutes to setup and share what seems to be a funny joke and turn it into a life-changing prank for its intended victim with untold consequences,


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