Keeping WordPress safe

In the last couple of months, I have seen many WordPress websites being hacked and businesses experiencing major difficulties as a result, some of the actual problems I have seen are.

  1. Website usernames and passwords being changed.
  2. WordPress themes being changed.
  3. User accounts being Deleted
  4. Plugins being removed
  5. Website being redirected to another site#
  6. Website showing adverts in the header, footer, or other sections

The Dangers of your website being hacked include

  1. Loss of business
  2. Your Computer becoming infected with Malware
  3. Your Visitors Computer becoming infected with Malware or a virus
  4. Potential to become locked out of your Website,
  5. E-Commerce sites becoming compromised could potentially result in you or your customers losing a lot of money.

How to prevent your website becoming hacked.

  1. Use Difficult to decipher passwords, don’t use your dog’s name, use random password generators such as Secure Password Generator  
  2. Dont use the Username ‘Admin;, ‘admin’ or ‘Administrator’
  3. Install and configure good security software that monitors your website.
  4. Install Current and up to date Plugins
  5. Keep all Plugins up to date
  6. Keep your WordPress installation up to date
  7. Keep your WordPress Theme up to date
  8. Always update your WordPress Manually so you can check for bugs


If you have any Questions about your website, its posed security threat levels or any other issues get in contact here