I was speaking to someone this morning about the email hack notice that I posted about yesterday MAIN-Computer-hackingand she said to me “There is nothing in my email for anyone to hack, I dont need to change my password”.

A lot of people on the face of things may think this. But consider the following

  • If someone hacked your account and changed your contact details and you couldn’t recover your password, that address is useless to you.
  • With access to your email, address all the addresses in your address book become under threat or a target.
  • With access to your email, your social media becomes under threat, if someone hacked your facebook they could have access to all your photos, friends photos and can even change your password.
  • With your email address you could be subscribed to unwanted mailing lists and websites.
  • With access to your email address a hacker could recover your password and gain access to your paypal account, possibly gaining access to your credit or debt cards


Remember this technology is now smart, the process of hacking and data extraction is not usually done by some person sitting at a computer and saying “now I am going after Mr x”, it can be very random and all automatically done, in theory it is possible to write code which will do the following.

  • Log into a gmail account
  • Find to correlating social media account
  • send a password reminder to the gmail account
  • reset the social media account password
  • Login to the social media account.
  • Download all of the information (Photos, friends lists, email addresses etc)
  • Close the Social Media Account

All this may seem scary, and make you want to rush to log off the internet but you dont need to however I recommend the following to keep yourself safe online.

  • Use complex passwords ( Upper cases, numbers and symbols where possible)
  • Use phrases rather than words.
  • Dont use the same password for everything
  • Try change your passwords often when and where possible
  • Don’t share your passwords
  • If using a public computer make sure the browser is not saving your login information, I try not to login in internet cafes etc, unless I really have to!

If you think  you may have been hacked or would like to discuss your internet security please contact me