As a web designer and SEO consultant I get the same questions posed to me by clients all the time and they all want to dominate Google.

When will I be number one on Google?

How do I knock my competitor of their Google Perch

I don’t want to pay!

The truth is you don’t have to pay a cent to Google, to rank number 1, you cant give me or anyone a hundred, a thousand or even a million dollars to get you to number 1 magically, its not going to happen so, how you get there?

You build a reputation, you maintain it, you build it further.   Think of Google ranking as why you picked your doctor, stay with me on this…..  Your Doctor didn’t open a surgery on your local main street, throw out a few fancy business cards and sit back and wait for the patients to flow in the door, more than likely you go to your doctor because he was recommended by a family member or friend, maybe his father or mother was a the village Doctor before him, and your Grandfather went to him and therefore you ended up going by default, whatever the reason in most cases he ended up your doctor based on reputation and the fact that he/she maintains it.  The same goes for a website you must build it, but more importantly you must build its reputation!

So how do you build a reputation online? The Best and easiest way online to build a reputation is Build a Blog and share your knowledge. Now most people will argue against this with 2 main points, either they will say “Why should I share my knowledge, my knowledge is my income”  or “I don’t have time or the patience to be blogging all of the time” so lets take these points individually.

Firstly. “Why should I share my knowledge, my knowledge is my income”,  If someone is going to learn how to do anything themselves they will learn in YouTube on dozens of videos, it doesn’t matter if its Marketing their website, or Baking a Cake its all there, so the fact that you have shared your knowledge on a topic only proves you know what you are doing and provides readable content which builds your reputation.

Secondly  “I don’t have time or the patience to be blogging all of the time”, If you dont have the time or patience you have three options,

1) Make the time – Time spent blogging is time spent marketing it cannot be under estimated

2)  Outsource your content creation – There is Dozens of really good content creators who will get to know your business and, your audience and create content for you.

3) Stop comparing yourself to others who spend the time, money or effort, if you are not prepared to give google the resourceful content. Don’t prepare yourself to see the rankings.

And Finally to answer the first question. When will I rank on Google?  You will rank on Google when and where Google finds you and ranks you, obviously the more, must original and better content that you provide the better you will rank, I have seen Content rank in hours, but I have also seen it take days or even weeks.

If you need help or a consultation on building your reputation contact me today.