Ok so  I just learnt something amazing that I never knew there is no dot in your Gmail addresses, so you can now stop telling people that there is.gmail-login

my.address@gmail.com is the very same as myaddress@gmail.com, dont believe me?  try it for yourself

Infact if you wanted you can use m.y.a.d.d.r.e.s.s@gmail.com and it would still be delivered!  Mind Blowing

And while I am at it, how often when someone is giving you their email address do they say to you

“…. and thats all small letter, no caps”

Well maybe years ago we had to say this but not anymore, the email routers will put your address into lowercase automatically anyway so sending an email to SOMEONE@SOMEWHERE.COM is the very same as sending an email to someone@somewhere.com

It should however be noted that the dot rule doesn’t work for addresses on other most other servers.

DOTS MATTER: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Apple iCloud

DOTS DON’T MATTER: Gmail, Facebook