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Social Media Management is a constantly changing skill in always evolving industry of marketing for any business. It is almost impossible for most business owners to keep on top of  Social Media and know where they need to be to connect with the right audience.

Social Media Managment
Some of  the services David Browne Digital Business Development can offer to a business are :


  • Social Media Strategy Audits – Is your Social Media Strategy performing properly for you? Do you know how to determine what areas need to be improved and how to do it.
  • Social Media Insights Reports – Do you understand how to read the stats that come from Social Media Reports and what they mean to your business? Most people dont and they ignore these massively important pieces of information.
  • Competitor Reports – What  are your competitors doing on-line and what can you learn from it, very often business can learn alot about there competitors and their customers purely by observing. I can analyse and assess your competitors. What are they doing? How well are they doing ? How does your Business compare ?
  • Brand Monitoring – How is your business being reviewed on-line, what are people saying about it and  what perception is it receiving. On-line Business Analysis is vitally important to any business. Let me show you why, how and when to do it.
  • Social Media Strategy – What is the way forward for your business, now that we have identified your audience, your competitors and how your brand is perceived on-line what will your Social Media Management Strategy become and look like.
  • Social Media Training – David Browne can offer in-house staff training at all levels from Beginner to Advanced. See the benefits of what my knowledge can bring to your Marketing and Social Media Management
  • Social Media Page and Profile redesigns – Does your Business need a new Facebook Cover Page, or Twitter Background design? Perhaps your new Youtube account needs new Channel art ? I can create professionally designed art work that will match all the latest standard dimensions to make sure your business looks perfect.