WordPress Coaching

Did you know that over 27% of the websites online use WordPress! WordPress is a hugely powerful tool to have as your online Content Management system but are you getting the most that you can from it?

Very often I see clients who have a fantastic website, but they are not getting the hits that they need to sustain a business online? The main reason for this is lack of website maintenance, they are not engaging with their audience? With a properly configured website you have all the tools you need at your finger tips to engage with hundreds, thousands and even millions of people! 

I am passionate about WordPress, I want to get you passionate about your WordPress Website, I will show you that with just as little as an hours work a week you will grow your business!

With customised WordPress Coaching I will help you learn techniques and methods which will increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website. build your contact list, maximise engagement and increase your bottom line!