Social Media and Technology makes life so easy in many ways to contact and do business with the right people, I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday about somebody he would love to make contact with, this person who I was talking to is working on a project that could really the endorsement of the man he wishes to make contact with so how should he get it?

Well blogging is a great way to get the attention of any audience, It is probably what I would consider to be one of the strongest communication tools on the web. It is how millions of people get there word out over the internet, and the best thing is it is free.

About a year ago I joined a website called Blab, it is a very powerful communication tool on the web, unfortunatly it isn’t something I have really had time to pursue on a regular basis there is just so much going on, but while on Blab I communicated with many people and watched many conference calls, One person I became aware of was someone I had never heard of before and his name was Ted Rubin.

I really enjoyed alot of what he had to say that day, he was talking about Return on Relationships, something that he has made his mantra, and something he speaks about on a regular basis, I started following him quietly on social media, sent him a couple of tweets and slowly built up the relationship to boldly ask for a Skype call.

To make a long story short(something a every blogger needs to get the balance between), last month I noticed Ted was going to be in town, Dublin and I decided to again message him and basically say

Hi Ted, I see your in town, fancy a coffee?”

Low and behold this happened……


Here I was shooting the breeze with one of the worlds leading Social Marketing Strategists & Keynote Speakers people pay for this pleasure, and really it was a great pleasure! But it all stemmed from a simple tweet and cultivating a relationship online.  I am not for a second saying go out and tweet “hey @RandomCeleb fancy a coffee.”  But if you can bring a meaningful conversation to someone via social media and stir up their curiosity which leads to further communication, the world becomes your oyster.

So how does business Blogging fair in all of this, well reverting back to my conversation yesterday. Through the power of Blogging it is possible to tell your target about yourself and what you are doing and the connection in doing so with a very carefully written Blog post and tweet to get the attention of the your intended target so, for instance,

Supposing I have an idea that would interest my target, I might Blog an explanation of its value and what it is and then when its done I might slowly interact with my target and make him or her, aware of what it is I am working on and maybe point them in the direction of my website.

But the big thing to remember is that while social media might make us 1 step away from anybody, 1 simple tweet isnt going to make all your targets coming flooding around for coffee, or have them open a cheque book to invest in your business. You must work on a relationship, cultivate it, and eventually you will see a return on it.

Read more about Ted on his website here, he is a cool guy.