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David Browne, from Navan in Co. Meath, has over 25 years of technical/IT  knowledge to share with your business, covering all areas from Network Security to Web Design and Development. 

“I am passionate about ensuring businesses are making effective use of technology. Everyone wants the latest and greatest but the question I ask is yes but is it effectively serving the needs of your business? “

Digital Business Development is the process of Growing, Expanding & Developing a business with a strategic technical mindset 



Lets get started….  How can I help SIMPLIFY your business?


Web Development

Having a clean well built website that represents the professionalism of your business is a must in Digital Development. I work with many companies in a broad spectrum of industries, from travel to ecosystems to education, to build their online image which will drive business to their door!

We take the time to get to know you, your business and your target audience, before moving into our Web Design Process, which will give you a clear picture of how your new website will look across all devices.

All our websites have an easy to use Content Management System which gives you full control of the content displayed on your website.

We have partners in Graphic Design, Printing and Video Production to ensuring a one stop shop for your Digital needs.


We can provide your business with bespoke training on a host of software including

Cloud Computing    Web Marketing    WordPress

Social Media   Office 365   Mobile Technology


and a host of other technologies

Some of the clients I work with

IT Support

We realise the importance of a fast reliable and trustworthy IT support system to your business.

We offer a wide range of support options including in-house support, network support and remote desktop support in both hardware and software.

  • Technical Support / Advice

  • Purchasing Support/ Advice

  • Software Installation and Configuration

  • Hardware Installation and Configuration

  • IT/Server Security

  • Cloud Technology Support

  • Mobile Device Support

David’s Thoughts

WordPress Sites being Hacked Left, Right and Centre

In the last couple of months, I have seen many WordPress websites being hacked and businesses experiencing major difficulties as a result, some of the actual problems I have seen are. Website usernames and passwords being changed. Wordpress themes being changed. User...

Does your blog speak to your audience

Does your blog speak to your audience

  A blog is a great way to connect with your audience, but the biggest problem people have when writing web content is remembering who they are connecting with here is a list of do's and don'ts of blog writing for business owners, that will connect them to their...

Why & how you should Build Relationships to Sell Online

Why & how you should Build Relationships to Sell Online

I really feel strongly about the fact that people do businesses with people and not brands. I had a conversation with a client this afternoon and it's something I come up against a lot, and it was about how people interact on social media when trying to promote a...

Update CCleaner Immediately

Users of the popular program CCleaner for Windows are being warned today to, update the application immediately this because a backdoor which is open to hackers has been installed on the software. This malware then allows them to install other dangerous programs, like...

10 Frequently asked SEO Questions

1. Can you get me top of Google? Nope and the truth is nobody can, all I can do is implement proven and documented techniques that help Google notice you, the rest is up to Google itself 2. Can't I just pay Google to rank? Yes and no, you can pay Google to appear in...

3 Questions to ask any potential Web Marketeer or SEO Consultant

Have you received a phone call or email recently from a 'marketing agency' claiming to help you hit the heights of page 1 on Google, or better yet, promising you the coveted number 1 spot, if so sign up and give them my number too!!!  I jest of course instead RUN A...

A friend Request is NOT a virus its a hoax

For the last couple of days I have received numerous Facebook messages saying something like Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If...

A Guide to Ransomware – What you need to know

This week Ransomware which has been on the radar of many IT professionals for some time made its way into the news and has caused widespread damage to hundreds of IT Systems across the globe. So here is a quick guide to what it is.   What is Ransomware?  ...

Why I am excited about Ready Steady Code (Updated)

  Ever since I was about 6 years of age I have loved computing. My first computer was a BBC Micro B and it had a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drive with disks that were as delicate as Granny’s good china. I can remember being given a book with little blocks of code in...

Do not share images of your children publicly on Facebook

Recently there has been a spate of fake profiles on Facebook where people are stealing photos from Facebook and  using them to make imitating profiles. However in the last couple of days I have seen something far more malicious, profiles are having images of children...

Would you like to promote your use of Digital Business

How would you like to promote your business on my website? One of the aims of This Blog David Browne Digital Business Development is to promote the use of digital business development. Would you like to guest blog on my website? There are many advantages of guest...

Cloud Computing for Small Business

  Cloud Computing - What is it? Cloud Computing is the practice of utilizing the Internet for your IT Services. These include, Storage, Email, Documents, Photographs as well as some services such as Backup, Virus Scanning and Accountancy Solutions.  What are the...


Best of luck to David on new website. Have dealt with David for over a 3 years and have found him very helpful courteous and diligent. He explained my Operating System and helped me get more results with less stress!  His fees are reasonable and agreed in advance. No surprises.
Patrick O'Reilly

Solicitor , O'Reilly & Co

David Browne  has been our technical consultant since I formed WeandUs, Educational Design Services almost twenty years ago. I have great confidence in David’s in-depth technical knowledge and web-development skills. I can always count on his support as I develop my business and I can sincerely recommend him.
Seamus O'Neill

Educational Design Consultant,

David Browne provides both my businesses Beautiful Meath Tours & Custom Irish Tours with excellent knowledge in Web Development, Marketing and Technical Support. And would be a asset to any business.
Derek Smith

Tour Operator, Beautiful Meath

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