Recently there has been a spate of fake profiles on Facebook where people are stealing photos from Facebook and  using them to make imitating profiles.

However in the last couple of days I have seen something far more malicious, profiles are having images of children stolen and these images are being used on fake profiles, with totally inappropriate comments, this images are of some very young children.

I implore upon anyone who uses social media IF you are going to share photos of your children make sure your profile is locked down.

Do not use images of children on your profile or cover photos, they are the least protected

To hide your photos on FacebookProtect your children on Facebook :

  1. Goto Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Who can see my stuff
  4. Set to friends Only

In Order to see what the public see on your profile

  • Go into your profile
  • Next to ‘View Activity Log’ there is 3 dots (…) click it
  • Click View As…
  • Now you are looking at your profile as a Non friend will see it


Once your pictures have been stolen it is very hard to get them down, while Facebook allows you to report images they are not always responsive and this trend is growing at an increasing rate and its frightening where it may end up

Remember these points :

  • If it’s publicly accessible anyone can get it
  • Your Images can easily be edited and doctored, which is scary in so many ways.
  • Once you lose control of an image its gone
  • Your kids have no say in it.