davidEver since I was about 6(30 years ago) I have loved IT, I have a passion for it. I was the guy you ran next door to get to set up the video recorder. I was the kid that the principal used to come looking for to install new software on his computer. I understand technology, I have always wanted to know more. I like to know why and how technologies work.

In 1998, I had just completed a FAS course on IT Maintenance and Networking in Finglas. By the end of the course I was almost lecturing the rest of the class I was passionate about it. Unfortunately one thing stood in my way the thing I rarely mention and the major elephant in the room, my Cerebral Palsy.

I went for interview after interview, I answered all the technical questions thrown at me, I could network an office building with my eyes closed, in theory……

Here is where the problems began, I had just become qualified in what I love doing, only to be told “well you have the knowledge but….   …. we need someone who will be lifting servers,  ……can you climb a ladder with cabling….. ”

Everything changed I met a man called Seamus O’Neill a retired school teacher who shared my passion for IT. I didn’t know then he would go on to become one of my closest friends and a man who never stopped believing in my abilities. Seamus introduced me to teaching IT, he needed someone to assist in delivering courses to school teachers in Navan Education Centre, we spent 4 or 5 years, delivering courses together, trouble shooting school networks, and developing new teaching methods in IT. We setup a local CoderDojo. I also got some work in a local primary school Flowerfield NS where I delivered weekly lessons to schoolchildren in I.T.

I have recently worked on the website for Ready-Steady-Code a fantastic initiative by Seamus to get school children coding and also combining it with the maths curriculum, you can read more on http://readysteadycode.ie/

With Seamus’s encouragement I decided to go back to college and get my degree, while building up a small network of clients as I progressed.  After leaving college I decided to setup BEe Advertised, a business which develops Websites and Social Media for clients.

So where did Digital Business Development from and what is it?

David Browne Digital Development is a combination of all my skills which I can offer to any business, from solicitors and accountants, to schools and organisations.  I can be your IT Guy, providing you with a lifetime of knowledge in various aspects of IT. By bringing my experience of delivering IT courses I can insure you always have the knowledge in not only why I recommend something for your business, but how it is going to help you and simplify your business needs.

If you would like more information, someone to manage your IT, someone to discuss your technical issues with and offer clear, understandable and economic solutions get in touch with me today and see the benefits and rewards tomorrow.