We all get it online criticism weather it’s personal or in business, not everyone is going to agree what you say or do online. So here is some times for managing your online critics.

1. Listen and Consider what they are saying

Before you get back onto the keyboard and throw petrol on a fire that has been lit on your reputation try to understand what is being said, who is saying it and why they are saying it.

2. Show Understanding

Be sympathetic to your critic, try to throw cold water on things by showing you care and are going to manage the situation, respond with lines like “I am sorry you had that experience with our business, let me look into things and I will personally get back to you”

3. Don’t be over defensive
For example you are a social media manager of a restaurant and you are being criticised for slow service on a sunday lunch time. Respond with lines like “We acknowledge that the very busy last week and short staffed we are looking into ways to rectify this going forward” This is far better than “Did you not see the line out the door???”

4. Dont ignore negative comments of criticism online

If you fail to deal with a negative comment on social media it leaves it open to people leaving further comments of people either saying “That also happened to me ”  or “See they wont even reply your #talkingToTheWall”

5. Be Personal.

Avoid formal language and be personable, social media is social. Finish your posts with your name, so the complainant knows who they’re dealing with. Be conversational: “I’m so sorry you had this experience. Let me personally look into this situation and get back to you – David” instead of: “Your comment has been acknowledged. We will look into this matter further.

6. Take the matter offline.

Ask for a DM (Twitter Direct Message) or PM (Facebook Personal Message) where you can get a phone number or an email, deal with the matter directly and personally, leaving threads open publically can lead to madness and flame throwers.