When it comes to Google Ranking or SEO. This is a question I am asked all of the time and there is no sure answer, I have seen websites appear in 4 hours, 4 days some even take 4 weeks!images

Very often it is a common misconception that I as an SEO Consultant can flick a switch and all of a sudden your website is ranking number 1 on  Google `this however is not the fact however as an SEO Consultant it is my job to make sure your website is built in such a way that Google will find you easily. While you can tell Google about your site using submission techniques, it is even more important that google can find you.  Here are some quick tips on making your website discoverable for Google.

  • Mobile Friendly websites are crucial.4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. (Source: Convinceandconvert.com)
  • Build your brand, have all your branding the same across your social media platforms.
  • Use WordPress and make sure you Blog or create news articles frequently
  • Use good URL Structuring for example https://www.davidkbrowne.com/how-long-will-it-take-to-appear-on-google  is far better than https://www.davidkbrowne.com/?p=350

SEO is about reputation building and maintenance, think of your website like this if you build a hotel how many guests will you get by doing nothing? Now do the following…

  1. Invite people to a grand opening
  2. Have appealing entertainment
  3. Take out ads in relevant media
  4. Have a good social media presence
  5. Run Competitions
  6. Identify your audience and figure out how to connect with them
  7. Keep connected with complementary businesses.

With each step people become more aware of the business, they begin to learn to trust it. This is the very same with SEO. Your online reputation is all about trust and relationship building,  You cannot use the build it and they will come mentality with SEO, you must build it, and keep building and connecting with people every single day. Become the “goto guy or girl” for your industry, build your reputation and let your reputation help build your SEO.