This is a pocket drive, used for backup, it has some real very handy uses. It can be used for  transporting files from one computer to the other, many students walk around with files on them but in my experience they are not reliable and they are not at all secure.
pocket Drive

The following is an account of what happened me with a client last year, now for obvious reasons I am not going to disclose who it was or anything identifiable.

I was in a meeting with Client X having a chat and looking at some files which had been updated on his server. I had just taken over the IT in his office and was still getting to know my way around things. The client ran a professional business and his data was very sensitive in nature,

As far as the client was concerned, like many business owners, the server was that big machine in the corner that had wires hanging out of it a funny screen and only the tech guy had a clue how it worked.

As I was talking to him I noticed a pocket drive not to dissimilar to the one pictured plugged into the machine. I took a quick look at what was on it, sighed, said nothing unplugged it and stuck it in my back pocket, STILL while in full conversation and view of the client.

I applied the relevant security patch to the machine, logged off and closed off out my conversation and went to leave the building. No problems.

What the client didn’t realise, was that I had a backup of his last six weeks work in my shirt pocket and he watched me put it in and never even noticed! He was shocked when I turned around an explained to him the major security threat I had just demonstrated.

This proved a number of things to him and me :

  1. His security was none existent.
  2. He hadn’t notion what was going on in “the box under the stairs” (or technically, his server!!)
  3. His backups, were not safe, secure or even in date!
  4. I had a lot of work to do!

I have since put many new practices in place in his business and backups are now run on a far more advanced method, and his server is now physically locked in a cabinet.  And there is not a pocket drive in sight!


Until next time …..