SEO is important for any business that has a website because unless you are on page 1 or at least 2 of google you are nowhere.  Here is my  countdown of the 10 Factors of SEO you need to be aware of.

10 Authority and trust

Google rewards brands based on their Authority, so if people are linking to your content it shows google that people trust your brand and it becomes seen as a resource.

9 Keywords

Keywords is vitial for any webpage to be ranked however remember this, Keyword Density is a bit like salt on your chips, or french fries depending where you are reading this 🙂  You can destroy your ranking with too many keywords or over using them. you need to get the balance just right, There is many useful tools out there which will help you analyse your website text content.

8. Location

How many times have you been reading a website and gone to contact the business only to find out they are hundreds of miles away or even in a different country! It is very important that you tell google where you are and get your address verified!

7. Keep your website free from Errors.

Many times people delete webpages from there website, this can happen because the information may be dated or no longer valid. It is vital that your pages are replaced or you at least have a valid 404 page, Google will penalise your dead links.

6. Reputable back links

You get good linking by having links that people want to share, links that provide good clear information and not  bad constantly marketing links.


Google Reputation Building

5. User Experience

When designing your website always think what the user wants to read rather than what you want them to read.  40% of people will leave a website if it doesnt load in under 3 seconds.

4. Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is no longer an added bonus, it is a necessity.  46% of web users now browse using a mobile device and that figure is rising all the time. People   will not use zoom to browse your website on their phone, they expect it to just work!

3. Social Media 


Google doesnt use social indicators to rank your website, however if people are  sharing your content the content will be more likely to be seen and shared on social media, this can have knock on effects in gaining links and traffic.

2. Freshness

A Fresh website is vital, the content should be current, updated, fresh and relevant to the reader.

1. Unique Content

Please dont ever reproduce content on your website and try pass it off as your own, Google can spot duplicated content a mile off and it will penalise both you and possibly the site that it was taken from. Keep your content original, your business is original and so should be your website. Keeping a blog on your website makes it easy to update and maintain.