WOW this has blown me away this morning and its kinda frightening, Google Voice is recording you. I knew that Google records everything you do, your searches, your emails, your places but did you know it is recording your voice and you can play it back?

Voice searching is so handy especially on a mobile phone and the voice recognition in Google is unbelievably accurate, even with my Irish accent, it gets me 90% of the time!

So how do you hear yourself back well its very very simple. Just login to Google in your web browser and go to Audio History. From there you not only see your Google Search History but you can hear your search history too!

But you can turn off Google Voice History.

To do this visit the activity controls page.

You may be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
Turn the switch on or off.

When Voice & Audio Activity is off, voice searches will be stored using anonymous identifiers. This information won’t be saved to your Google Account even if you’re signed in.

Now that I have spooked everyone out do remember it is only you and google that can access these recordings.