Very often when I get a website to design and create, the business owner will give me a whole list of keywords he/she would like to appear in the search results for. I would often say that is fine but “where is the correlating content to go with the keywords?”


Online Marketing has moved way past keyword lists? There was a time a few years ago when you could at a list of keywords to your code and it had every single synonym of the main keyword listed in a row and it was enough for search engines to index your website.

Search engines have moved far past this technique, so too have the people using search engines. Very often now rather than looking for a word or couple of words in search engines, people will now ask Google a question and expect an answer.

For Example if I am looking for a service in a particular area I might ask Google something like

         Where can I get a Laptop fixed in Navan?

People are now more inclined to use this method of search rather than the old style keyword search of “Laptop Repair Navan”

The following is a very good quote from John Dunn

The future of SEO is about optimising your site, your content and the whole of your on-line presence for your customers rather than for Google, which is a fundamental shift in thinking.

Basically what this means is that we should focus on the psychology of the customer rather then what way we think Google will see or how it will rank us.  Is your website answering the Questions that Google is likely to be asked about your business.

Google search algorithms in recent years have become highly intuitive and responsive, Similarly the way people search is also changing.

With over 55% of searches are now completed by Mobile Devices, Geo Location and Voice Search is now a must for consideration. For Example it is possible to ask Google the following,

Where is the nearest chemist to me?

What Movies are playing in my Local Cinema?

Find me a local Toy Store?

What Local Toy Stores are currently open?

Where can I locally buy (Product x)?

So the next time you are considering your search results for your website, make sure you consider, How people search, and is it answering their questions? Don’t just what you think about what your website should be ranking for.

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