What have most Social Media Sellers and Beach Sellers got in common?

Picture the scene you are lying back on a sundrenched sandy beach in a with your factor 50 on. When all of a sudden your sunspot becomes darkened by a man peering over you with watches and chains hanging out of every conceivable area of his body. without even looking at the expensive watch you already have on your wrist he greets you with…….

“would you like to buy a watch?”

Beech Trader

His motives is clear, sell as many watches as possible to as many people as possible, and I dont care who they are, weather they need a watch or even if I am disturbing them, I want them to know I am there and I want to sell to them.

Very often I get followers on twitter, and as soon as I follow them back they are in for the sale via private message, and very often it is an auto responder. What really gets to me is when this comes for a social media marketeer, offering me the services that I myself make a living from doing. This is a bit like the beech seller who has woken you to sell you a watch without even looking at your arm.

The trader who is going to make more money and have a better reputation is the trader who sets up shop beside the beach, does their market research, is there all the time and is happy to interact with his customers.

Take a second example a shop owner beside the entrance to the beech. He has a clean shop which sells ice-creams, news papers, and beech equipment for all the family. Every morning as he is cleaning outside the shop he greets passers by wishing them a good morning as they walk toward the beech. He may not get the immediate sale, but if the customer feels like an ice cream later that day, he remembers the man who smiled and greeted him on his way down to the beech as he was cleaning the front window of the shop.

People do business with people.  If you generate a relationship with your target market they are far more willing to reciprocate with their custom. 

How to avoid being a Social Media Beach Seller

  • Know your Audience
  • Talk your Followers
  • Inform your Audience
  • Care about the reader
  • Be prepared to stand over your products
  • Don’t be all about the sale
  • Don’t try to be personable when you clearly aren’t being,  spam stands out a mile!