Digital Development - Change Quote by George Bernard ShawThe main focus of any any company is to increase business productivity. Digital Business Development is all about making business more efficient, effective and productive. I help all kinds companies achieve the best use of technology in their businesses. sometimes with the most simple and subtle of changes, by observing what they do and how I can make it simpler. Because I simplify your business technology.

Here is an example of how I do it.

I had a client last year who I observed in business. One of the tools he used in business was a dictaphone. He carried his dictaphones everywhere with him during the day, dictating letters, emails  and instructions for his office staff. Sometimes these dictaphones didn’t make it back to the office until after the close of business, meaning a letter dictated on Monday morning, wasn’t heard until Tuesday, when it was then typed that afternoon, posted that evening. sometimes after the last postal collection meaning it got into the postal system on Wednesday, and possibly delivered on Thursday or Friday.

What if that letter was sent on Monday and delivered first thing Tuesday morning?  How could I do it? The answer was sitting in his pocket.

By identifying an app for his smartphone, I removed the need for the outdated dictaphone. I demonstrated how it is possible to dictate into his smartphone app and send an mp3 file to his secretary in minutes which she could import into transcription software and begin typing quicker then you could rewind a dictaphone tape……..  well almost!  Now that is how to run a Digital Business!

Digital Business Development is a phrase I have come with to say what I do, I simplify business structures and practices by using Digital or Information Technology.   Every business can use a fresh pair of eyes to identify where a small alteration can make a huge difference to its productivity.

If you think I might be able to help your business, give me a call or an email.