When I setup as BEe Advertised in business almost 3 years ago, my main focus was online. It was SEO, it was Facebook,Twitter and all the other dozens of social media that are out there, it was developing WordPress websites and getting businesses noticed online.

To a large degree I still do that, if  you want a website developed I am your man, if you want to know how to get interactions on Twitter guess what I can show you how, and if your business is not on page one of google I am pretty confident I can show you what is going wrong.

So what has changed, isn’t David Browne just the face behind BEe Advertised and am I not just re-branding the same old stuff and adding in another couple of services. Well the answer is 50% yes and 50% no, let me explain what has changed, and why I am re-branding.

First and foremost I am a techie guy, I was the kid that used to know how to work the video player in the 80’s, I am the guy who knew how to get rid of the virus off your computer in the 90’s. I am the guy who was and is always looking for new and innovative ways to do things with technology. I will bring Digital Business Development to your business.

So while yes I can still make sure your website SEO is fully optimized, I can do so much more. I can show you that is possible to access your important document on the cloud using your smart phone, or that you can use your smartphone as a dictaphone and get that letter out by the close of business using the cloud, and not have your secretary waiting for you to return to the office.  That is effective digital business development,

I solve technical problems and make your business run smoother. I am your computer department. I will streamline the way you do business using all of the latest technologies saving you time and money.

Why not call me, email me or even tweet me and I can start evaluating the technical elements of your business.