Every business should be ready with a Data Disaster Recovery Plan.

Picture the following scenes

  • There is a fire in your building and your paperwork is destroyed
  • One of your employees has a laptop stolen from his car and the end of year accounts were on it.
  • Your payroll computer gets a virus and is inaccessible and wages are to be paid.
  • Your mobile phone has just fallen into a sink full off water and you cant remember details of an appointment for tomorrow morning which you had on its calendar.
  • Your website has been hacked and the hackers are demanding payment for its release.

This are all very real scenarios which your business could face today, tomorrow or any day. Is your business prepared for this, do you know what your will do when this happens, or are you just hoping that it wont?

Call me today and I will help you plan for these scenarios and make sure that you and your business are prepared with a plan of action to make sure your business schedule is ready for this. ┬áNo more than making sure your fire extinguishers are working you business should have a “what if plan”


“If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”

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