Speaking to your website audience Your website audience is hugely valuable you must learn how to speak to them.

Very often people’s number 1 goal for their website is to “sell sell sell”, and it’s true why do business’s have a website? Well of course to generate traffic and to sell, but how we sell online is a totally different subject.

I just met a old friend for lunch, who I hadnt seen in a couple of years and he works in an industry that I feel I have an idea that can add value to, I wanted to meet him, share my idea and discuss it with him in order to get his thoughts on it. I was very clear from moment one, when I said to him “I am here to sell you nothing” and I genuinely wasn’t I simply wanted to discuss a concept with him.

However by discussing my thoughts about his industry and what I am developing I was able to share with him my knowledge, add value to the subject and make him aware of what I am doing. It is now very possible he may say it just 1 other person or indeed 5 people that, “David Browne was talking to me about this recently and he may have the solution to your problem”.

So the moral of this blog post is that knowledge that you share with people on or offline can build your website audience, your credibility and get people talking about you as a source of knowledge and they will come to you or refer people to you without you having to ask for it.

By using a WordPress Blog and social media for talking about, sharing and discussing your knowledge, you can easily build a website audience and  earn credibility, and get others talking about what you do.

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