Cloud Computing – What is it?

Cloud Computing is the practice of utilizing the Internet for your IT Services. These include, Storage, Email, Documents, Photographs as well as some services such as Backup, Virus Scanning and Accountancy Solutions. 

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Business?


Scalability is the ability to easily add or remove services or features depending on the requirements of the business. A scalable system can easily accommodate larger loads just by adding resources such as hardware or software.  An example of this would be changing the size of storage space available to the end-user.


Because with a scalable system you can customise it to suit the required usage, users only use what they need and therefore pay accordingly.

Work Anywhere

The ability to work anywhere is a huge plus in cloud computing, with a cloud computing solution it place it doesn’t matter if you are in the office, with a client, at home or even on holiday with a cloud computing system implemented, you always access to your data.


Having files on the web mean that they can be easily be shared and accessed by people with the correct permissions this allows for collaboration on projects to take place, allowing access independent of location or time zone.

Document Control

Documents that are shared on the web can have their access controlled, meaning that certain users or groups of users may only be able to edit them while others will only be able to view them.


Good Security is pivotal to a good cloud based system. Most cloud based services have their own security systems in place, including authentication processes and backup systems in while they are obviously not 100% fail safe they are 99.99% safe and trusted

Environmentally friendly

Using the Cloud services means using fewer machines and less hardware, this means having lower cooling and space requirements. Also with document sharing and collaboration, this can help the environment by requiring less paper requirements. 

Some Cloud systems for Small Business.

Email  :  Gmail for Business. Microsoft 365

Document Collaboration : Google Docs for Business, Microsoft 365,  Dropbox

Accountancy Packages : Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus, Sage Online

Online Backup :  Carbonite Backup, Dropbox