I really feel strongly about the fact that people do businesses with people and not brandsI had a conversation with a client this afternoon and it’s something I come up against a lot, and it was about how people interact on social media when trying to promote a business.

Social Media is full of noise at the moment, everyone is trying to promote their brand, business, concept or idea. Everyone is trying to be seen online in a cloud of noise. Twitter is the biggest business networking party on the planet, you can contact virtually anyone you like on Twitter from clients, competitors, influencers, and even celebrities. So how do you stand out from the crowd, and get noticed?

You could do take the very direct approach and send them a direct tweet, Facebook message or even worse still a public tweet to promote your product such as ” Hey @celebX have you seen ProductY?  you have to try it, click here to find out more” ……  Seriously!?!?!  People do this all the time!

This is spam, noise, irritating and going straight into the trash can, followed by a non-reply that would have been something like, “yeah thanks, don’t call us we’ll call you”.

If I take an offline example it’s comparable to going to a business networking meeting as a car salesman and attempting to give a business card to everyone in the room without even establishing if they have a drivers license. Locate your targets, find common ground and establish a relationship or connection with them.

So what should you do when trying to sell online or create business?

1. Listen to what people are saying online, involve yourself in their conversations.

2. Be a problem solver, if you can lend a hand or share your input it will get lots of interaction.

3. Share your blog posts, but make sure they have intriguing headlines.

4. Share Knowledge, this proves you can provide something of value to your audience people will want.

5. Display a genuine interest in others, don’t make your social media all about you, mention others, retweet, respond, and engage.


If you have any other helpful tips to add, tweet me @beeadvertised and I will be sure to mention you.