A remote access scam is when you get a phonecall claiming to have found a virus or malicious software on your computer.

What happens

You will recieve a phone call from an agent claiming to be from Microsoft, Intel or another large IT Company who will claim to have found suspicious software on your PC.

They will then ask you to download software from their website which will allow them Remote Access into your PC. Remote Access allows them complete access to your computer.

They will then attempt to have you purchase their software when they have “identified” a security threat on your computer.

How to spot the warning signs

  1. The phone call comes out of the blue and is unsolicited.
  2. The caller isn’t very clear about exactly who they are.
  3. The caller wants you to download software to  your computer
  4. The caller is persistent to the point of forceful

How to protect yourself 

  • Never give an unknown person remote access to your computer
  • Never download software to your machine unless you know what it is used for
  • Never give credit card details over the phone to an unknown caller
  • If you recieve a phone call like this just hang up, dont try to engage with the person at all. These people are known to become persuasive, aggressive and even insulting if you refuse to co-operate,

If Have you been scammed?

Should you have fallen victim to one of these scams, disconnect your PC from the internet and have it looked at by a reputable computer technician.

If you have given your credit card details to an unknown provider, cancel the card immediately by calling your bank.