In June 2012 I registered the Business name BEe Advertised I set out in to specialise in social media management, through out time I and my business have evolved, and to be honest my only regret is that it has taken me so long to do it, or infact, say out loud that I have done it, so what did I do? What has changed and what do I do now? I will try to explain quickly.

When I founded BEe Advertised I did it at a time when it was trendy to be a social media guy (oops social media person), I had dreams of greatness, my god I was gonna be an Influencer. I got it half right I mixed with some of the best in the business, we skyped, we chatted at conferences, and I was blending in nicely, but I was just that I was blending in with a crowd of people who it make it there job to stand out. And while it is fantastic to be on first name terms with the likes of Samantha Kelly, Ted Rubin and many others, and be able to grab a coffee with them, it  doesn’t put money in the bank!

OK so where is the BEe gone?

Well  I haven’t swatted him completely, technically he is still alive for tax purposes. (true story). But one thing I have learnt in business is that people do business with people not brands.  So many times in meetings or conferences people have said to me “oh you’re the Bee guy” it is kinda great. People knew who the Bee was but didnt know who I was. BIG MISTAKE, when you do business with me and not the Bee there is less chance of getting stung! So it was me or Bee and the Bee got it!

Don’t lower your dreams but lower your expectations.

So I had this dream that many entrepreneurs have, world domination, well not quite but the odd invite to America to tell people who I made millions would have lovely, nice hotel, Fly first class, my own driver yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture,  I have become accustomed to meeting a client for coffee and if they pay its a bonus and I am OK with that!  Because they want to,  they want to meet and talk and chat and know me, and do business with me,  a faceless business represented by a animated bee is not who my clients want.  They want to know they are dealing with someone who can  a) Understand their needs  b) Provide them with a confidence that they can solve their needs.

I am not a social media Guy and I don’t claim to be.  I am a tech guy who tried to make Social Media his thing, square peg into a round hole. Ever since I have been able to recognise QWERTY I have been into computers way before the web, way before cd’s infact before Microsoft was known in Ireland. My passion is for technology across the board. I am a problem solver, I like to learn new things, one of favourite lines is “If I don’t know how to do it, I will find out how and do it”

I have now found the market and niche areas where I can be most valuable to my client’s without trying to be somebody, I don’t need to be a somebody, I am me David Browne, and I provide digital solutions for offline and online problems for business owners