Have you received a phone call or email recently from a ‘marketing agency’ claiming to help you hit the heights of page 1 on Google, or better yet, promising you the coveted number 1 spot, if so sign up and give them my number too!!!  I jest of course instead RUN A MILE.

Here is an actual email I got this morning


I hope you are doing well.

Are you looking for SEO service to rank your Website organically in Top 3 positions of Google 1st page?

We provide guarantee to rank your website on top page of Google through our SEO campaign. We have a very skilled and committed SEO team, which strictly follow each and every guidelines of Google. You can see pretty good improvement of your website ranking within a month. There will be no set up fee or any other hidden charge, So you just have to pay your monthly SEO fee.

Please revert back if you are interested for the campaign. We will further provide you complete details about our SEO plan. We also offer website designing and pay per click (PPC) services.

Looking forward to hear you back
Warm Regards,
SEO Consultant.

So lets break it down and see why I am not going to reply to Kent’s ‘to good to be true offer’

FIrstly Kent has not identified himself or his company, but purely as an SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) Consultant, not even a surname, would have been nice to see his picture on LinkedIn at least!

Secondly Kent has not identified me or my business, therefore he is showing me he knows nothing about my business.

Thirdly Kent says he can “guarantee to rank your website on top page of Google ” I am saying this to clients for years, NOBODY can guarantee to rank your website on top page of Google, it does happen, it is the equivalent to a marketing manager saying at a job interview at a hotel “I guarantee to have all your rooms full every night of the week”.  You cannot possibly make such an assertion, and anyone that does you need to run a mile from NOW!

So now that we have established that Kent, if that is his real name, is a complete fraud. What are the 3 musts for any good SEO Consultant.

  1. Your SEO Consultant must understand your business. This is rule number one in order to market something you must know what it is, you must have seen the product, used the product, you must be able to answer basic questions about the product or business, SEO is marketing, therefore, how do you market something that you don’t understand?
  2. Your SEO Consultant must understand your clients. It is the responsibility of your SEO Consultant to forge, nurture and maintain a relationship between you and your client, after all they are going to build or expand your website and social media with content that your client will, understand, need, and engage with.
  3. Your SEO Consultant must be able to provide a plan and reports. If you are going to invest in Online Marketing you should expect to  know
    1. What are you going to get?
    2. What can you expect
    3. How can it be measured?
    4. Where is the return on investment?

However you must remember your SEO is not responsible for your sales, very often I will get offers of a percentage of sales for SEO work, this is a good bonus, but not a foundation for good business. Let me explain why, If I have a client who wants to be number one in Ireland for mosquito repellent, I can probably get him very high up the ranking, even to number one as his competition may be low, but realistically how many bottles is he going to sell online?

So finally the 3 questions to ask your Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

  1. What do you understand about my business?
  2. What do you understand about my clients?
  3. How are you going to get more me engagement, track it and monetize it?

If they cannot answer these 3 basic questions, or at least try to work them out by talking and meeting with you you’re wasting time, your SEO will need you, and your input on every step of the process and should be able to explain the process step by step.  Remember there is no ‘out of the box’ solution to SEO.