1. Can you get me top of Google?

Nope and the truth is nobody can, all I can do is implement proven and documented techniques that help Google notice you, the rest is up to Google itself

2. Can’t I just pay Google to rank?

Yes and no, you can pay Google to appear in the Adwords sections and sponsored links, but you can’t pay to be constantly number 1 no.

3, Some guy just phoned me from Google saying he could help me with my rankings?

Was he calling from India? I think his brother phoned me last week to tell me I had a virus on my computer, they are such considerate chaps,  But seriously he wasnt from Google and he wanted your credit card number over the phone, enough said.

4. Whats this about Google Updates ?

Every so often Google comes up with a new algorithm, usually code named after a animal, penguin or hummingbird was 2 of the bigger ones, this updates change and rebalance loads of factors Google likes to consider when it ranks your site, all top secret.b

5. Do META tags matter?

No, No, No, and NO, again.  The last time Meta tags matters most of you didnt have a mobile phone, never mind one that send texts or browsed the web.

6. Cant you just shake your magic wand and rank me tomorrow?  I’ll pay ye!

It doesn’t matter if you give me a blank cheque, it doesn’t work like that, I wish it did!

7. So if you can’t promise to rank me what am I paying you for?

You are paying for my knowledge and guidance, built over years of what Google looks for when it ranks your site.

8. When will my new site appear on Google?

I once had a client ring me the day after his site was launched to complain because he wasn’t on Google yet, when or how soon you appear on Google depends on so many factors,  Think of it this way? If I get a helium balloon and let it off into the air how many people will spot it? Now if I tell all my friends its being  launched how many will spot it? If I put it on the radio it is being launched how many will spot it?  You get the picture, good SEO is about reputation building and is a constant process.

9. My website is finished how do I keep it ranked?

Content, content, and more content, your website is never finished, to have a good website you need to have new fresh content to have Google and others coming back for more, Static website lose their rankings very quickly.

10.  How do you prove your worth?

All my client websites are connected to Google Analytics and other SEO reporting software which will independently report on progress of any website,